Friday, May 30, 2014


My friend posted on her blog yesterday and it hit me like a ton of bricks... she said EXACTLY what was in my head and on my heart... she expressed my feelings for me in a way that I didnt even know that is what I wanted to say...

What do you think you know about me when you look at me like that?
Can you tell how tired I really am? And that I'm tired mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so my body now hurts from the inside out?
Can you see the stains from where people have touched me without my consent?
Can you see me flinch when you go to touch me? Not all touches are good and my body remembers them well.
Do you know where some of the scars actually came from?
Would you believe me if I told you?
And what does that make me?
Am I damaged goods?
Can you see that I am angry because I am scared? I don't know if I can trust you or even myself at this point.
I'm so tired.
What do you want from me? I don't have a lot to give.
Would you understand or pity me if you knew all of this about me? I don't need or want your pity. I'm doing okay and getting better every day.
If I sleep, will I wake up? Do I even want to?
Please don't touch my shell. It's very fragile and will break if you're not careful.
Why do you even care?
Am I worth the trouble?
Would you walk away because I'm too much to handle?

How she knew what my heart was feeling is beyond me but thank you for reading my heart and allowing me to express what it needed to say... check her out she is wise beyond her years!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Story...

When I was 16 I ran away from home... I did not run away from the best home environment but I ran away from a home where I was loved.  I had been getting in trouble for a while.. I got in with a gang when I started high school.  I thought I was the baddest girl and honestly in my school where I was from I probably was one of the baddest... When I was 17 I met my first 2 kids father... I moved in with him and found out pretty quickly I was not as bad as I thought I was.  He was much badder.  He beat me daily.... hit me with bottles, gave me concussions, broke my jaw twice, gave me black eyes so bad they were swollen shut.  The reasons varied... I always did something wrong.  No one ever told me to come home so I didn't... I had two children with him... luckily I was smart enough to not want them in that environment and sent them to live with my mom and dad... I went home for a little while but he always found me and convinced me to go back... at that time he was my addiction.  He was my addiction for 6 years.  I still have problems from the beatings... my jaw clicks sometimes, I have debilitating migraines, I have memory problems, I have nightmares... I got free from that addiction when he went to prison for drugs.  That is when I met my 2nd baby's father.  The abuse was the same... he also cheated on me.  So did the first one but he at least tried to hide it... not the second one he just cheated.  When I caught him he got mad at me and hurt me.  He was my addiction.  I could not bring myself to leave him... I wanted to be good enough for him.  He made sure I knew that I wasn't.  He introduced me to cocaine.  It helped me escape from all of the pain... That was my new addiction... but I was still addicted to him.  My baby brother was killed in a car accident.  That crippled me.  I wanted to trade places with him.  I still do.  When I found my baby's father cheating on me again I freed myself from him.  I was still addicted to the cocaine... That helped me escape all of the pain.  My daddy went back to work for a private contracting firm.  He worked in Iraq.  My kids went to stay with my mom... I kept telling myself it was because she was so upset about my brother and they would help her feel better... honestly it is because I was not the mom that they needed me to be at that time... I felt like a failure... I still do.  I've never told anyone that before. 3 years later my mom called me in the middle of the night.  My daddy was killed by a car bomb in Iraq.  My daddy who I struggled my whole life to please.  My daddy who did not like me and I still questioned whether he loved me.  My daddy who met me for dinner on one of his leaves and saw me with my eye swollen shut and bruises up my face and said nothing about it... I would never had the opportunity to apologize for failing in his eyes... I would never be able to apologize that he lost his precious son instead of his pathetic daughter... My addiction to cocaine grew and now it was cocaine and pills.  I should not be alive with the amount I was putting in my body on a daily basis.  I maintained a job... I was doing drugs in the bathroom every 30 min but I kept the job... finally I was ready to be free of the drug addiction.  I was tired of being away from my kids and I knew that being away from my kids was one of the biggest pains I was trying to cover up with the drugs.  I packed up and moved home with my mom and kids.  I got myself clean.  I freed myself from that addiction.  I found church again and that became an addiction.  That addiction grew until the church broke up.  Now I find myself free from the addiction of drugs, from the addiction of abuse... but I'm still an addict.  I am not free yet.  I still have the addiction of pleasing people.  I still have the addiction of the labels I have put on myself.  I have the addiction of needing to prove my worth and myself to others.  I am addicted to being the best I can at work.  I have the addicts mind set still.  I need to free myself from that.  I am an ongoing story... truthfully this story is just an outline.  My story is so much deeper than this blog post... I just feel like my story is too long to post in one sitting... I think I will work on it for future posts because I do think I need to free myself of the story.  I've kept alot of this story inside me because it is painful to admit but maybe if I admit it I can finally be free of the addiction of my past... Today that is my addiction and I hope that at the end of this bible study I can say I'm FREE of that too...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ready Set Go... or not

What a weekend.  I have been having so many emotions and feelings lately.  I know that I am NOT where I want to be or need to be in life but I am working on that.  This weekend I realized how disapointing I have been to my mom.  I hate that realization.  She was so proud of me at one time.  Then slowly I started to slip backwards.  The worst part is she blames my boyfriend and that is not fair.  I stopped going to church.  I stopped doing what I was supposed to do money wise.  I started going crazy a little bit.  I had a mini break down.  But because some of these things started when she met him she blames him....  Yes that makes for a super depressing weekend.  I am on my way to getting back on track though.  I am getting my own apartment for me and my girls.  I am getting caught up as quickly as I can on my bills. I am starting church again.  This online bible study is going to be a big help I think.  Let's see how it goes!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


So I have decided to take on another online bible study with Proverbs 31 ministries... I LOVE this website and the online bible studies that they do... and this one seemed perfect for me where I am right now!  It is called Limitless Life and the reason that I decided to do this one is because right on the cover of the book it says, "You Are More Than Your Past When God Holds Your Future"... 

Needless to say I'm more than ready to start this one.  So today I received an email talking about the normal blog hop that they do with these bible studies and talking about community.  Just the other day I was talking about home and church and when they said in the email that this online bible study is like our own little community I started thinking about how church is like my own little community.  When I was involved and everyone was together it was a big community.  Then I left the community and then I came back and the community had changed.  How normal is that though... I mean you grow up in one community and when you go away to college, or move away from home, or just go away for the summer more often than not when you come back some aspect of that community has changed.  Not all changes are big or even bad but change is inevitable... I went back to church last Sunday.  I went to the small church, they meet right next door to the building I grew up going to... it was weird to walk into that building instead of the one I was so familiar with... but when I walked in the love I felt was still the same.  The welcoming was familiar.  I felt at HOME... I did not visit the other church yet... I'm not sure why but I want to go back to the small church on Sunday again and I think I will continue to go... I would like to get involved again if that is possible. I would like to find my place in the new, smaller community.  As for this online bible study I also hope to find my place... I realize that this community is much bigger and wider and spans places I've never seen but I would like to think I can find a place to fit in there too... to me community means that you fit together and you interact... I need interaction even if just through a blog post :)  I guess that is all for now... If you are reading this and have not heard of or done any of their bible studies I encourage you to check them out... 

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Feelings just keep coming out of me

I'm feeling very depressed lately, and alone, and scared... I'm not alone and I'm not sure why I feel that way... I'm hurting everyone around me... myself included honestly.  I just do not know how to get up this time.  I dont have anyone I can really turn to and say HELP ME... I just keep getting up every day and going through the motions of the day but some days, like today, it all seems like too much.  I would be much better at home, in the dark, in my bed.  I know my posts are making people sad and I'm sorry.  If you stop reading I totally understand.  But this is the only release I have for all of the feelings I have... I know I am not alone.  I have a boyfriend...  but I am not sure that it is going anywhere... I have my kids... but there is still this loneliness that I can not shake.  I'm in over my head.  I am so far in debt because I try to buy things thinking it will make me feel better... nope still feel awful and actually feel worse because then I think about how far in debt I am... I am trying to save money to move me and my girls into an apartment and prove to everyone, myself included, that I can do it... but I can barely put one foot in front of the other forget having a smile on my face!... 
Life is a messy thing... my life I have messed up and I'm not sure if I can fix it

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding my place...

Church... ever since I was a little girl I have gone to church when I was a kid it was every Sunday morning, every Sunday night and every Wednesday night.  I LOVED it.  If we did not go for some reason I was beyond upset!  As I got older and got into some not church approved behaviors my attendance fell off... alot.  But I still went off and on.  Then about 3 or 4 years ago I decided I was tired of the life I was living and I wanted to go HOME.  Even after all those years I considered church HOME.  Now growing up we went to Church of Christ.  Most of my childhood was spent at one church that I loved and then things happened that I as a child did not understand and we moved to a different church.  I grew to love that church also and 3-4 years ago when I made the decision to go HOME that is the church that I knew I would go to.  I knew before going back that they had changed from a Church of Christ to a basically non denominational church and I was ok with that.  I still do not fully grasp what all of that means but I knew that when I walked in I was HOME.  The love and support I received was exactly what I needed.  I was accepted just as I am, tattoos, single mom, bad past, all of that I was still LOVED.  I got very involved and I was again there as often as they were open.  Then my world fell apart. First of all I moved away from my support system, the church, and fell into a very deep depression.  But then when I went HOME I found that HOME was not there anymore... The church had fallen apart.  MY church.  I honestly did not know what to do.  I dont think anyone can understand that for me this church was my rock.  My everything.  I felt at that moment that I was being punished for leaving... I think sometimes I still feel this way... Since that happened I have struggled to find a new church with no luck... I do not feel comfortable or accepted at most of the ones I have gone to... My old church has kind of divided into two separate churches and I dont know which one I belong to... I have decided that I am going to go to the new building this Sunday and see if I am one still welcome and loved and two see if I still feel like it is HOME... I miss HOME and the LOVE I had there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing from the depths of my hell...

Sometimes I wonder if God has given up on me... yes I know that God never gives up He is always waiting for us to come find Him and He is just waiting with open arms... But really??? I mean that is what I have always been taught, that is what I grew up to believe... Yet nothing inside of me believes that I am worthy of that kind of love and forgiveness... What a life I have lead to have me thinking like this... The things I have gone through and endured only to put myself right back in that place over and over again.  I'm still on my journey to be beautiful inside and out... I'm back on track in a way... I'm still falling daily in other ways... but I am working on that.  This post is more of a confession for me rather than a blog post... I need to be honest with myself.  I'm not happy.  I feel like a failure daily.  I know that it is going to take alot to pull me up from whatever depth I've let myself fall to this time... but I know that I will do it.  I will succeed.  I have no choice.  So I am going to make a conscious effort (again) to write as often as possible.  I am going to stop letting the fact that I'm sometimes writing from the depths of hell stop me.  That is my reality right now.  I do see that light again... it is faded and the clouds block it out sometimes but it is there... I can see it and it IS getting brighter