Wednesday, February 19, 2014

God will never give You something that was intended for someone else....

Got to love when you are in the midst of learning an already hard lesson and someone decides that maybe you also need to realize a couple of other things... Well I can thank Mr. Tyrese Gibson himself for that.  First of all I am a total fan and one of my very good friends from work showed me this video... Well smack me in the face and step all over my toes... So he was talking about praying and how God wants us to pray specific prayers.  He also said that "Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous."  That is such a powerful statement and a really cool way to look at that.... I was definitely interested in the video now...well then he says that "God will never give you something that was intended for someone else... you may have prayed for it, even claimed it, but it's not yours.  God loves you enough to not give you something that was not meant for you." UGH thanks alot Tyrese.... Ok so in the next couple of days I am planning on catching up with my Made to Crave bible study... Which means blogging ALOT!! Sorry in advance :)


  1. A good less :) Love when God does that...hits ya in the gut...just in enough to WAKE US UP, right! ~ Miriam of

  2. funny I just keep watching the video so hopefully I can engrain that lesson into myself LOL