Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Insecurities and such...

Well this is my post for my Made to Crave bible study for week 3... yes I do know I am behind and I am hoping to get caught up tonight.  So chapter 7 talks about insecurities... looking back over the last few weeks I am starting to realize more and more that when I do not measure up in some type of way, and probably all in my head, I tend to go into withdrawal mode.. Something small and insignificant to someone else can send me into a complete withdrawal.  I absolutely have a flawed perception of myself.  I have always gotten my sense of identity and self worth from the wrong things.  These are things that I am very aware of, but still, let that one tiny, little, insignificant little thing send me into a direct tail spin...

I do believe that I need to pick up my bible.  I need to have verses that whisper in my ear when I'm starting to feel insignificant... Even if I cant remember them at the moment... just a whisper in my ear telling me which direction to go when I pick up my bible would be nice... I'm learning, the hard way of course, that it is vital to my success to fill my mind with God's words.  I'm also learning the hard way that this is about so much more than just food for me.... yes food is a major aspect of it.  I'm giving up soda, white flours, and fast food... but more than that is the withdrawing and the breakdown of everything good inside of me... maybe one day I will have it all together... maybe I wont but I do hope that I will be one step closer by hearing the whisper of the spirit telling me where to turn when I open up my bible...


  1. I can tell you are ALREADY one step closer...Miss Micaela. God bless. Oh...and listen to these songs :) I've found them really powerful when I struggle with the "ups and downs" of life. I'm a music lover too. ~ Miriam of

    Laura Story - "Blessings"
    Josh Wilson - "Fall Apart"
    Hillsong United - "Oceans"
    Jenn Johnson - "Come to Me"

  2. thank you so much :) I love music... it always hits right where i need it to :)